Lahti University of Applied Sciences and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences did merged end of the year of 2019, establishing a completely new institution: the LAB University of Applied Sciences. LAB started its operation on 1 January 2020.

LAB is a higher education institution focusing on innovation, business and industry. It operates in Lahti and Lappeenranta and also provides education online. The strengths of this higher education institution specialising in innovation include the circular economy, design, the commercialisation of innovations and service innovations for health and well-being.

LAB has over 8 500 students, making it the sixth largest university of applied sciences in Finland.

The President and CEO of LAB University of Applied Sciences is D.Sc. (Econ.) Turo Kilpeläinen.​​​ 

The Vice President for Education is Merja Heino, Lic.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Admin.), and the Vice President for RDI is Henri Karppinen, D.Sc. (Tech.).


LAB's Board and Executive Group​​

The Board of LAB University of Applied Sciences is responsible for ensuring that operations are carried out in accordance with applicable legal requirements, directives and regulations, as well as the education provider’s vision and mission. 

The Board of LAB is chaired by the President of the LUT University, D.Sc. Juha-Matti Saksa. Board members:

  • Pär-Gustaf Relander | Chairman of Polttimo Group, M.Sc. (Tech.)
  • Juha Tuominen | CEO of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), M.D.
  • Pekka Timonen | Mayor of the City of Lahti, M.A.
  • Kari Kuuramaa | Municipal Manager, Municipality Taipalsaari 
  • Jarmo Kemppinen | Lecturer, M.Sc. (Econ.)
  • Oona Löytänen | student at LAB
  • Jari Hämäläinen | Vice Rector at LUT
  • Riikka Sund | General Counsel at LUT University, LL.M. with court training

Executive Group is responsible for ensuring that decisions made by the board of LAB are implemented, and that preparation work carried out for the board is of a high quality.


Directors of Fields and RDI

The directors will be accountable for the business results of education and research, development and innovation (RDI) in their units, and for financial management.

  • Director of the Health Care Unit: Tuula Kilpinen, Master of Science (Health Care)
  • Director of the Technology Unit:  Kirsi Taivalantti, M.Sc. (Tech.), M.Soc.Sc.
  • Director of the Business Unit: Milla Laisi-Wessman, D.Sc. (Tech.), M.Sc. (Bus. & Adm.)
  • Director of the Design Unit: Vesa Härkönen
  • Director of the Language Center: Merja Karppinen, D.Sc, (Econ.) 


The RDI directors will be responsible for the management and development of the content of RDI activities and for applying for funding.

  • RDI Director of Design: Kristiina Soini-Salomaa, D.Ed.
  • RDI Director of Circular Economy: Olli Väntsi, D.Sc. (Tech)
  • RDI Director of Innovation Commercialisation: Pasi Juvonen, D.Sc. (Tech.)
  • RDI Director of Health Care Service Innovations: Kati Peltonen, D.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Admin.)