The Best of Both Worlds ‒ LAB strategy 2030

We are building a better world of work.
We want to challenge and be challenged.
We act boldly and fairly.

Better World of Work 

LAB strategy 2030.

Key competences

SUSTAINABILITY | Sustainable material cycles

  • Technical and biological loops
  • Resource efficiency
  • Sustainable community
  • Systemic approaches to the circular economy

INNOVATIONS | Solutions for growth-oriented business 

  • Experimental development ecosystems for innovations
  • Business design and thick value
  • Renewing and evolving entrepreneurship
  • New radical initiatives

DESIGN | Designing sustainable solutions

  • Designing sustainable products, services and environments
  • Smart human-driven design and communication
  • Design for behaviour change
  • Arts for radical renewal

HEALTH | New service innovations and solutions

  • Well-being from physical activity and the living environment
  • Social inclusion and safety in everyday life
  • Health promotion and smart self-care
  • Efficient service chains



  • 2020 » LAB established
  • 2022 » Innovation-driven institution
  • 2024 » Growing international impact 
  • 2026 » Institution focused on innovation and the world of work 


Goals for 2026

The goal is to promote growth in partner companies

  • New jobs » RDI driven by growth and internationalisation
  • Greater number of highly educated employees » graduates bring added value to employers


Student with the mirror.

LAB Strategy 2030


LAB Report on Sustainability 2021

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