Innovations themes

We will help your business to grow over critical phases of development by designing your business to produce thick value. We coach you to develop your innovation expertise by radically combining new kind of methods and competences from different fields. We enable growth by developing your competences in commercialisation and sales. We facilitate new and renewing entrepreneurship.

We focus on solutions for growth-oriented business – and aim for success




Our themes include:

  • Experimental development ecosystems for innovations
    • We provide you with a solid and empirically validated view of the requirements of the target market before you make any investment decisions.
  • Business design and thick value
    • With our business design and commercialisation competence, you are able to increase your ability to create new product, service, and business model innovations for both the domestic and the international market. This will create products, services and concepts where thick value is included.
  • Renewing and evolving entrepreneurship
    • We coach your growth over critical phases of development by deepening your understanding of growth-orientated leadership and of renewing entrepreneurship. We promote the finding of whole new market areas by developing your marketing communication and sales. We actively recognise possibilities related to the rapidly changing working life and the transition of work itself by utilising digital solutions extensively.
  • Radical new openings
    • By combining different kind of competences, we make radical new openings worth discussing.